my Gear arrived ,,, almost ;/

31 03 2011

So ,, as i said ,,, was waiting for the 7D ,, or as i call her ( the mother) and the lens ( the daughters ) ,,went to FedEx al khafji ,, in our neighbour ,, sudia arabia ,,, what happened before getting out of Kuwait :

me: hello

FedEx guy: hi ,, hello ,,, wait a min ,, ( he talks to the guy next to him for 2 minutes ) ,, yes ,, how can i help you ?

me: i want to ask if shipment number ########### has arrived ,, in the site it said it left damam 9 hours ago !

FedEx guy: wait let me chick ,, yeah , it’s here !

me: why it’s not logged in the site ,,, the tracking No. still says it’s in damam !! ( aka in transition )

FedEx guy: i didn’t log them yet !

me: waiting for what ?

FedEx guy: are you coming or not ?

me: yeah yeaah am coming

FedEx guy: come before 7pm ,,

me: *looking to the clock ,, it’s still 4* … am right by you ,, 30 min i be there

FedEx guy: yeah ,, before 7 … remember ,, before 7 !

me: am cooooming nooooow !!

FedEx guy: yeah ok ,,

me: ok ,, bye

FedEx guy: wait wait … ( it was more like  vaaait vaait )

me: yes !!

FedEx guy: nothing nothing ,, come now ha !

me: WTF ,, ok am coming now ,,,

and i closed it !

so ,,, as soon as i got into KSA ,, for some odd reason Viva line won’t work at all ! ,, said ok as i had my friend zain line that had 1 kd in it XD

went to FedEx ,,, took the package ,,, it’s a bet small for all the stuff to fit in :/

opened it in the car ,,,

7D body 

10-20mm sigma ✔

7D grip ❒

100mm micro (L)

1 extra battery pack

and there was a 100mm ,, normal old one ,, not the L series one ,,, i was sooo mad at the shop ,, called the guy .. and :

me : yellow ,,,where the FUCK is my grip and my L series lens ?

shop guy : u ordered a normal one ,, not an L one !

me : WTF ,, and would i send u these price for a normal one ! where’s ur mind !! or u thought of it as a tip Mathalan ?

shop guy : hmm ,, it’s ok ,, send it back to me via FedEx ,, well send u an L one ,, and along with the Grip !

me : you better do !

shop guy : i well give u what FedEx cost you and i well ……. 6ooo6 6oooo6 6ooo6 !!

the 1 KD wasn’t enough ,,,

so i went back to Kuwait ,,, called him as soon as Viva line was up and running …and :

me : Yelloooow

shop guy : yeah ,, sorry about that ,,, saturday you well get all the stuff along with a gift CF card ,,,

me : ok ,,, but please be sure it’s sure of the stuff

and we closed it ,,,, now you are wondering why the hell i wasn’t angry ,,, cause of the old saying :

( if you want something from a dog ,, call it uncle dogy ) !!

until today ,, didn’t have the chance to play with my 7D ,,,was a bit busy here and there ,, took a shot of my room door handle on the auto mood ,, and that’s it !!

so,,,now am waiting for a msg or a call ,, just like a baby waiting for his lunch XD



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5 04 2011

Oh, 7D! That’s a good one.

You should enjoy taking shots with it.

Bs LOOOOOL eshda3wa 3alaihom! This is what I hate in waiting delivery!

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