Getting back to earth !

27 03 2011

hello dear friends !!

finally ,, am back to posting in here ! ,, some of you already know me from these blog ( well ,, what it used to be ) ,, and some others may be internet drifters who came across the blog by mistake !

am changing the blog status ,, from being chattery chater blog ( 8ar8a ) to a more formal blog ,,, my main idea is to start posting about photography …but well post something here and there in time ,,

most of you know that i stopped posting cause of twitter ,,, which toke me from blogging here ,,, you know ,, all i was doing here is blabbing about these and that ( te7el6em ) and twitter offered instant blabbing method ,,,

am still blabbing over there ,,,,  so ,, well make these blog all about things that isn’t blabbing ( WTF is blabbing any ways ? … did i just made up these word ? )

btw ,,, back in 2007 ,, almost no one knew whose blog is these ,, know most people know who’s sinful eyes is !  … and in case you are wondering ,, it means ( bo 3yon fatana .. something like that ) !

so ,,, well start my second 1st post by saying hello !

am a Microbiologist/photographer

my day is between Kuwait uni. ,, my cam. ,, my friends ,, AND my SHOWS !!

yes i do spend a lot of time watching them ,, well provide a list of them later on !

well ,,, i just sold my old cam ,,, which was the most annoying cam. i ever saw !! ,,,, sony alpha 200 ,,,, it’s soooooo simple ,,, for someone who want a point & shot camera along with bulb function !! ,, that’s it !! not even live view !! anyways ,, as u can see ,, i got some nice pic’s with it ,,, learned a lot ,,, now it’s time for the Big toys ,, so ,, i had to go BIG ,,, as in BIG !! ,, was aiming for full frame ,,, but needed the speed ,, aka more frames per seconds,,, so ,, went with Canon 7D ,, which is a hell of a cam.

ordered the whole thing from outside q8 ,,, except one lens that i got for a pargain ,,,,

now am waiting for the cam to arrive ,,, which well be tomorrow or the day after ! and i well post the unwrapping Vid. of it ! ,,, IF and only IF i had the time to do a vid. ,,,

well ,, these is a starting post ,,, ( tas5een ) ,,,

if you are wondering ,,, where the hell did the ( 256 ) post that you had here gone to ! ,,, well ,, hidden !! ,,, yeah ,,, am going for a new blog ,, where almost everyone know me ,, so ,,, no need for (fe’9aye7) ,, maybe some old post’s well pop out here and there with time ,,, i might re-post them later on !

i post in arabic and english ,,, sometimes these ,, sometimes that !

and yeah ,,,,, i dont know why the hell i didn’t graduate from KU yet ,,, freaking shayabt there ,,,, ,, allah kareem !

btw ,,, am a member of Kuwait voluntary work center ,,, that and only that !! ,,, i like it there ,,, it’s where my friends are ,, and there’s almost no kids there ,,, at least i didn’t see them yet !

ooh yeah ,,,, and spread the word ,,, am back to posting !



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31 03 2011

Wel5ome Ba5


wallah ‘3baaar

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